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BlessingEarnersClub is a Platform we ( Blessing, Henry, Kate and Sunday ) set up in April 2019, to help people make money online.

 We are trying to give people the opportunity to automatically get paid online by sharing Our Membership and Advertising Revenue / Income with them. 

You Don’t Need To Advertise To Get Paid

You Don’t Need To Refer Or Invite New Members To Get Paid

We Will Be Sharing Our Income With You Automatically

We Will Be Sending Your Share Directly To Your Payment Account. No Need For Withdrawal Request.

All You have to do is sign up and choose a Membership Level. Request Approval, wait for your First Share Of Our Revenue / Income paid to Your Payment Account within Twenty-Four Hours and be expecting the Total Shares within 30 Days.


We are also giving people the opportunity to have their businesses advertised for them for free.

We did join some Network Marketing Companies years back and noticed getting leads, downlines is a big problem for people.

Most people don’t know how they can attract the number of downlines they need to succeed in the business. A lot of people joined companies that requires downlines but made nothing because they are unable to attract new members.

Some stayed away because they don’t know how people can be recruited online. They simply hate the word ” recruiting “.

This Platform is to make things simple for everyone in need of downlines / customers for their businesses.

We will set up the Adverts for Your Business and start getting interested visitors to it. All of this will be done for free. We have another Platform where we will post Your Business and start getting the visitors directed to it.

We are using a lot of Advertising resources and different methods for the Adverts that will improve Your Business.

If you have anything to discuss with us and in need of support, do not hesitate to get in touch with us through the ” Support “ page.

  You may have been facing difficulties in making money online, you may have lost lot of money online because you can’t advertise and attract new members, this Platform is what you need to make things easy for you from now on.

Register Today and request for the Membership that will get us to start getting you paid. 


Once again, we welcome you to BlessingEarnersClub.